Wissenschaft: Psychologie der Begutachtung

„An editor of a major journal in social psychology reached many editorial decisions during daily jogs. One wonders if jogging systematically affected the decision he reached. The lay epistemic model suggests that during any type of physical exercise, the costs of information processing are high since great effort and energy are expended on strenuous activity. This should increase one’s need for closure because closure removes the need for further processing. The editor would tend to embrace the most accessible evaluation of the paper, perhaps the most recent one, the recommendation made by the largest number of reviewers, or the most negative recommendation, given the generally negative base rates of manuscript acceptance at major journals.“ (Kruglanski, A.W. The Social-Cognitive Bases of Scientific Knowledge. In: Shadish, W.R. and Fuller, S. (Hrsg.) The Social Psychology of Science. 197-213. New York (Guilford Press))

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